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Cabaret Confidential

Monthly Excess All Areas talent showcase at the The Pheasantry at Pizza Express.

Tickets available at pizzaexpresslive.com.

Want to take part? Please email us.

Host Jamie Anderson introduces a monthly line-up of rising stars from musical theatre and cabaret in the sumptuous art-deco setting of The Pheasantry on the Kings Rd.

Click here for Cabaret Confidential review in The Upcoming.

Here’s a video trailer to give you a flavour of the show:

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Cabaret Confidential

Look what they’re saying about Cabaret Confidential:

‘Set for lasting success *****’ The Upcoming

‘The best night's entertainment I've ever had’ London City Nights

‘Our glitzy MC’s timing was effortless & voice was smooth’ Theatre Full-Stop

‘Very enjoyable’ Remotegoat

‘A delicious offer if ever we heard one’ A View From The Gods

‘A particularly glam venue’ A Younger Theatre

‘Brilliant’ Christopher Biggins

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